When anyone fills out the form on this page  What Happened To   
Their information will be displayed here. I'll keep them in alphabetical
order sorted by last name. For the ladies I will use their married name
and then cross reference for their maiden name(When Possible).
First_Name = Jackie
Last_Name = Bennett
Maiden_Name = Justice
Class_of = 70
Spouse_Name = Ron (Bob)
School = East
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 3
Grandchildren = 6
Working = Y
College = N
Retired = N
Service = N
E-mail = wackie911@yahoo.com
Comments = I work at Macy's salon part time
First_Name = Charlie
Last_Name = Brown
Class_of = 61
Spouse_Name = Dorothy (Dotty)
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School Green High
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 2
Grandchildren = 5
Working = N
College = N
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Navy = X
Served = I served aboard two ships mostly operating in the Caribbean Sea,
Mediterranean Ocean and the Red Sea. I have been to 47 different countries, some
of which are no longer existence.
E-mail = cb93ty@gmail.com OR cb93ty@sbcglobal.net
Comments = Comments Shortly after graduation I joined the Navy in August. I
served on two destroyers. USS Bearss DD654 (Fletcher Class), and the USS
Stribling DD867 (Gearing Class). By the way...The USS stands for United States
Ship for those who never knew. I achieved the rank of Second Class Petty Officer
(E5). The highest rank I could obtain in 4 years of active service. I was part of The
Cuban Blockade (Defcon2). I later found out that we were 1 hour away during this
time from total nuclear war. The blockade was formally ended at 6:45 pm EST on
November 20, 1962. I was released from active duty with an Honorable Discharge  
on August 13, 1965 (Friday the 13th). Two weeks later everyone got a two year
extension because of the Vietnam War. I started my employment with Ohio Edison
Company (now First Energy) two weeks later. I retired after 34 years of employment.

First_Name = Priscilla
Last_Name = Alexander
Maiden_Name = Beach
Class_of = 60
Spouse_Name = Lynn
Spouse_School = Coventry
Great-Grandchildren = 1
Children = 4
Grandchildren = 9
Working = N
College = N
Retired = Y
Service = N
E-mail = alex3830@aol.com
Beach, Priscilla See Alexander
First_Name = Richard
Last_Name = Bowers
Maiden_Name = none
Class_of = 68
Spouse_Name = Loretta
Spouse_School = Stow High School
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 3
Grandchildren = 10
Working = yes
College = yes
Retired = no
Service = yes
Navy = yes
Served = In the Naval Reserves
E-mail = rlb2863@yahoo.com
Comments = Comments: After graduation from Hower in art, i was head illustrator for
Clarkins stores, then did architectural illustration, and was an art director for
Brubaker and Associates. Now i drive a school bus for Twinsburg City Schools. I
enjoy photography, hiking, and being married fir 46yrs, and being PaPa.
Butcher, Penny  See Hollenbach
First_Name = Michael
Last_Name = Brickels
Maiden_Name = Brickels
Class_of = 1967
Spouse_Name = Marsha
Spouse_School = University of Central Arkansas
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 2
Grandchildren = 2
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Air_Force = Y
Served = Arkansas
E-mail = mbrickels@yahoo.com
Comments = Great to see all the reunion pictures. I remember Henry Sanders from
Mr. Jones EL class. Also, Whatever became of Lee Edwards, Jim Reinhart, Tracey
Shultz (knew you from St. Peters grade school). Know David Allen from facebook.
God bless you all.
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First_Name        Catherine
Last_Name        Busby
Maiden_Name        Pursley
Class_of        66
Spouse_Name        Elmo (deceased)
Spouse_School        Florida
Great-Grandchildren        0
Children        2
Grandchildren        2
Working        N
College        Y
Retired        Y
Service        N
E-mail        cathybusby@bellsouth.net
Comments        Comments. I have a BSN in Nursing & plan on staying active in my
community & church. My husband Elmo (deceased) & I owned the Busby Company
Inc., a General Contractor Firm in Jacksonville, Florida for many years, until retiring
in 2007. I now live in North Lima, Ohio & enjoy my time with children & grandchildren.