When anyone fills out the form on this page  What Happened To   
Their information will be displayed here. I'll keep them in alphabetical
order sorted by last name. For the ladies I will use their married name  
and then cross reference for their maiden name (When Possible).
Weitzel, Barbara See Noll
Class_of= 64
Spouse_Name=Mary Ellen Wayand   / Carden
School=Spouse School  Hower
Children=2 sons
Grandchildren= 3 grand sons
Working= no
College= no
Retired= yes
Service= yes
Navy= 4 years
Served= I was on the USS Benington CVS 20 Aircraftcarrier, saw one hell of a lot of the world..    
Loved every min of it.
Comments= I am living in North Canton Bob o link, 330-671-2278
Love to hear from any of you
I went with Cathey Hobach in high school
First_Name = Dale
Last_Name = Wolfkill
Class_of = 69
Spouse_Name = N/A
Spouse_School = N/A
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 1
Grandchildren = 3
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Army = YES
Served = In Germany was a mechanic And Vietnam was a combat soldier in 81 mm
E-mail = wolfkill69@yahoo.com
Comments = It was good to see the pics that were posted. I live In SpringHill, Fl Been
in Florida since 1978, I do enjoy the warm weather down here.Do miss friends in Ohio
but do not miss Ohio. I come up to Ohio in June or July sure has changed a lot.
Florida Dale
First_Name = Guy
Last_Name = Welsch
Class_of = 1970
Spouse_School = EAST HIGH SCHOOL
Children = 3 BOYS
Grandchildren = 6
Working = N
College = N
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Army = Y
Served = GERMANY
E-mail =
Comments = Comments