When anyone fills out the form on this page  What Happened To   
Their information will be displayed here. I'll keep them in alphabetical
order sorted by last name. For the ladies I will use their married name
and then cross reference for their maiden name(When Possible).
First_Name = larry
Last_Name = steele
Class_of = 65
School = Spouse School
Children = 1
Grandchildren = 2
Working = no
College = yes
Retired = yes
Service = yes
Navy = yes
Served = Panama City beach Florida
E-mail =
Comments = Comments
spent 2 years in the Navy, active and; couple more reserves

spent 2 years in printing job at Goodyear T and R, used my Hower trade some!

spent the next 27 years as an Akron Firefighter/paramedic

retired in 1999, and since then, have done much traveling, also participate in many
sports, helped by not having to work! I'm kept very busy with running races and training
for them, also keep very busy in warm months bicycling and bicycle touring and a
couple times a year do a triathlon or duathlon, depending on my busy schedule
allowing for training. In the winter months, i'm extremely busy skiing, skiing locally
during the week, and mostly in western New York every weekend, the NY trips are to
participate in an organized ski racing circuit at a different ski area most weekends, that
is racing as you see in the olympics, except we're not quite that good! During winter
months i try to go on 1 or 2 big ski trips out west or east. Most of my extra non sports
time is spent participating in the Barbershop Harmony Society, where we sing 4 part
harmony for fun and money, i'm in 3 different groups, we put on shows, and entertain
wherever people want us to perform, sometimes we travel to other places and states to
perform or listen. I'm part owner of our 150 year old family farm in Virginia, i spend some
very good time there, doing  some seriously hard work and enjoying it all and
sometimes just lay on the porch swing and watch the wind blow and cows moo.
First_Name = Brent
Last_Name = Theophilus
Class_of = 60
Spouse_Name = Darlene
Spouse_School = Whitehall Yearling, Columbus,Ohio
Great-Grandchildren = 3
Children = 3
Grandchildren = 9
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = Y
Service = N
E-mail =
Comments = I worked at Acme grocery the summer before senior year till June of 1961
then went to Kentucky Christian College for 3 years then married Darlene Ward and
transferred to Atlanta Christian College graduating in 1966 I preached in Austintown,
Ohio till 1969 and moved to Mt. Vernon, Ohio and preached in Martinsburg in a small
town near by and also worked at Flxible co. where they built city transit buses.
Dec.24,1975 I was hit by a pickup while in a cross walk and spent 1 month in a
hospital. My six year old and I learned to read and write and do math
together.Preaching ended and after 2 years I returned to work eventually returning to
Flxible till they closed down. then I worked for my son building computers, network
wiring and so-forth till 2007 when I retired. I Still build about 200 computers a year
when he has a big order. I have been active at Central Christian Church and my wife is
in a quartet and we both are in Red Cross.
First_Name = Marvin
Last_Name = Thomas
Class_of = 62
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School
Children = 3
Grandchildren = 3
Working = Y
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Air_Force = X
Served = From 6/62 to 6/66
I went from Akron to Lackland AFB, Texas, to Lowry AFB, Denver Colorado, to Travis
AFB in California. I worked on the B-52G fire control system, that is the quid 50 tail
guns. They were radar control from the gunners position in the front of the aircraft.
After four years I got out.
E-mail =
Comments = From 6/66 until today
Lets see what I did after the Air Force.
Worked for Akron Standard Mold for a time.
Got married, had a son.
Played around with electronic organs for a short time.
Moved to Colorado, ended up working for a hospital.
Had two daughters.
Moved back to Ohio.
Started to work in the telecom.
Sorry, got a divorced.
Moved back to Colorado.
Still working on telephone systems.
Got a great job with Nortel.
Travel for three years working on their large phone systems (DMS/SL-100 &
Moved to Texas.
Got married again.
Laid off from Nortel after 18 plus years.
Contracted back to Nortel until 2009.
Now I work at Target, four hours a day five days a week.
Two of my kids still live in the Akron/Canton area and make it back about once a year.
Wish I would make in back for the reunion, but does not look good.
Both of my bothers went to Hower, not sure if they are going or not.
First_Name = Jack
Last_Name = Smith
Class_of = 70
Spouse_Name = Fran (Pendelton)
Spouse_School = Garfield
Children = 2
Grandchildren = 5
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Coast_Guard = X
Served = After going to Electrician school in NY, I was stationed in Hawaii.
E-mail =
Comments = Comments
We were married the February after graduation from high school.  We were sent to
Hawaii to start our lives together.  Our daughter was born in HI.  After the Coast Guard,
I got my BA from Kent State and worked at the Summit Co detention home and Oriana
House.  After getting my M.Ed. we moved to Virginia and worked for the state in Rehab
Counseling. We both retired on 5/1/2017.
First_Name = Jim
Last_Name = Sainato
Class_of = 68
Spouse_Name = Terri L. Sainato
Spouse_School = Twinsburg High School
Children = 5
Grandchildren = 6
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Army = X
Served = After basic training and AIT, I was stationed in Friedberg, West Germany.  I
served as a Military Policeman for 14 months. I was attached to the 503rd M.P. Co.,
3rd Armored Division.
E-mail =
Comments = After being discharged, I returned to Borden Dairy , Akron, Ohio and
continued working there 28 yrs as plant supervisor , distribution manager and
manager till I closed the plant down in December 1995. After that, I was a manager
for Holland Oil Co., Assistant Manager at Walgreens, and Assistant Manager at
Speedway. I now watch 2 of my grandkids, 4 days a week. I played softball for 34
years with various industrial, church and finishing with the Senior league in Barberton
in 2006. My hobbies are rock music (have seen The Rolling Stones live 3 times), coin
and paper money collecting, The Civil War, and trivia. Have travelled to 36 of the 50
states and have been to 8 countries in Europe. I also enjoy fantasy football and