First_Name = Fred
Last_Name = Ruggles
Class_of = 62
Spouse_Name = Louise
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School  Barterton High
Children = 1
Grandchildren = 3
Working = N
Retired = Y
Service = y
Marines = Y
Served = in the great USA
E-mail =
Comments = Comments  Printing class of 1962. Never did work in the printing field.

I went into the Marines in 1963, but did not see any combat.

Got a job at Goodrich in 1966, got married in 1971, graduated from Akron U in 1978
(BSIM), have one daughter, Natalie (June 1977) and one grand daughter, Megan (Jan
2007), one grandson, Trey (July 2010) and one Step Granddaughter, Alexis

Goodrich moved us to Jacksonville, FL in 1987. We moved to Kingsland, GA in 2003
(downsized).  I retired from Goodrich Feb. 1, 2007 (41 years).  We traveled for 16 months
- two of the months in Italy and when we got back home Goodrich wanted me to come
back as a contractor to help them out of a jam.  I was their Government Contracts
Manager for 30 years and my replacement quit. Re-retired effective June 1, 2011 but
they kept me on retainer for 6-8 more months.  We still were able to continue our travels
- shorter trips.  I just had to take the Blackberry with me at all time - billable hours.

Jan 2012 Goodrich called me back because the replacement was let go. Re-Re-retird
effective July 1, 2012. They asked me to maintain the Blackberry just in case - billable
hours again - hopefully only to the end of the year.  On Jan 1, 2013 finally retired for

We spend most of our time traveling here and there but mostly to see the grand kids
which for now is in Gordensville, VA.  You just never know where they will be next.  They
started out in Washington, DC then went to Denver and now are in VA.  Life is good for
us and we enjoy it very much.
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