First_Name = Barbara
Last_Name = Noll
Maiden_Name = Weitzel
Class_of = 61
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School Parma High School
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 2
Grandchildren = 4
Working = Y
College = Y
Retired = N
Service = N
E-mail =
When anyone fills out the form on this page  What Happened To   
Their information will be displayed here. I'll keep them in alphabetical
order sorted by last name. For the ladies I will use their married name
and then cross reference for their maiden name(When Possible).
First_Name = Kathy J
Last_Name = Pfenninger
Maiden_Name = Ludwig
Class_of = 62
Spouse_Name = Albert
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School West Tech Cleveland,Oh
Great-Grandchildren = 12-1/2
Children = 5
Grandchildren = 12
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = Y
Service = N
E-mail =
Comments = Comments After leaving Hower I went to Hammel Business College and received
my degree in Secretarial and Accounting. I worked for 18 years at the Akron Credit Bureau as a
collector also at Graham Ford as office Manager for 5 years and then for Telxon Corporation for
another 20 years as a Sales and Use Tax accountant. I retired in 2004 and enjoy traveling and
going to Tennessee where we have a cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg. We enjoy the
grandkids when they can come to town. In my spare time along with being on the Hower Reunion
Committee, I also plan trips and organize dinners for a Widows and Widowers group.
First_Name = Don
Last_Name = Parks
Class_of = 69
Spouse_Name = Phyllis
Great-Grand children = 1 Step Great Grandchild
Children = 2 step children
Grand children = 4 Step Grandchild
Working = y
College = y
Service = y
Coast_Guard = 4 years
Served = Boston & New Bedford Mass. CG Cutter Bibb.
Comments = Comments.  Hower was a different school. Many attended but often
went back to their own neighborhood friends, did not have cars then. Sounds like no
more reunions. I liked them but so few attended, they were fun. It was interesting
who actually used their trade. Take care all!