First_Name = Robert
Last_Name = Moneypenny
Class_of = 66
Spouse_Name = Carolyn Dyer
Spouse_School = Miami Senior high, Miami, Florida
Great-Grandchildren = 0
Children = 2
Grandchildren = 6
Working = N
College = N
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Army = YES
Served = One year for Carson Colorado, Colorado Springs. One year Vietnam.
E-mail =
Comments = First of all, please accept my apologies for any missed spelling or
grammar errors as I cannot use my hands  to type, so I use a voice activated dictation
software.I try to proofread, but sometimes I miss things, so please keep that in mind as
you read this.

After graduation from high school I started to work at ACM (Akron Controller Motor) I
was there for just a little over a year and then was drafted into United States Army,
November 1967 Thanksgiving Day. I spent my first year of actual service in Fort
Carson, Colorado, which I'd love there. The mountains were beautiful. I sent to
Vietnam. November 1968, I may made rank of Sgt. and was a tank commander with
the 4th infantry division, 4th engineer division,
tankers platoon.

While I was in Vietnam my mother and father moved from Akron to Miami, Florida.
When I was released from duty from the Army. I thought it would be so cool to live in
"Miami, Florida". So in November 1969 I flew to Miami, Florida from St.
Louis, Washington. At first it was out of this world,but then I got lonely. The only ones I
knew in South Florida where my mother and father  and my youngest brother. I bought
a used car and drove back to Akron, Ohio not to get into many details. I spent 3 days
there and headed back to Florida. Have been here for the past 45 years, only to make
a brief visit to Ohio to see my brother, who is still there, and ironically, my oldest
daughter, who married a guy on the Dino, Ohio, and is now been up there with him for
the last 18 years. I am sorry to say I am unable to make any of those trips anymore.

I met my beautiful wife in January 1970. We were engaged, February 1970. We were
married March 1970 WOW was that fast, but this March will be 445 years together. But
it was a very rough ride. We're both born again Christians, but I had backslidden
badly, because of Vietnam. Maybe. Who knows why? But I spent the first 17 years of
our marriage as an Alcoholic,I have been sober for almost 28 years. My wife stood by
me all this time and God used her to lead me toward sobriety.

In January 1970. I went to work for BellSouth Telecommunications aas an electronic
technician. I retired from there were 30 years  and went to work for Nortel  as a Senior
Software Engineer.I worked from home for them. For the next 10 years, until  they file
for bankruptcy. Fortunately I was going to turn 62 before they went bankrupt, and after
searching the job market and finding that no one wanted a 62-year-old software
programmer would make you get one right out of college for a 3rd of the price they
would have to pay me, so I went ahead and retired that gave me 40 years in the
Telecommunicatio business.

My retirement didn't start out very good. I retired in January 2010, and in December
2011, I was diagnosed with 3rd stage colon cancer. I'm not going to go into all the
details because it would take too long and this is already long May 2012
while undergoing intense chemo  sessions after having ascending colon removed,I
collapsed. Like I said, I will try to make this short, if possible, you don't need the
gruesome details.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Ataxia,then Acute Peripheral Neuropathy,then
Parkinson's disease.I am now 100% service connected disabled veteran
wheelchair-bound ( motorized wheelchair. At that thanks to the VA)the VA considers
me this hundred percent service connected disability due to the fact of exposure to
Agent Orange in Vietnam.

As you can guess I will not be unable to to make this reunion. I do hope that they have
a great turnout. That is a lot of years to cover I was of the class of 1966.

To end this off my lovely wife and I after living for years in Miami have resided in
Hollywood, Florida for the last 40 years (in the same house). We had 2 beautiful
daughters,, both are now married and had given me grandchildren. As I said earlier,
one lives in the Dino, Ohio with  4 girls as my granddaughters. The other one lives
about 140 miles north of me in Lake Placid, Florida with 2 boys as my grandsons. With
so much for now. If anybody would like to communicate with me by email. My private
email address is just remember to keep it clean as I am a born
again Christian trying to walk in his footsteps. As Joyce Myers would say I'm not where
I out of be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be.

Robert Moneypenny (nickname Bubba)
2126 Taft St.
Hollywood, Fl 33020
Home 954 920-8290
Cell 954 589-7445
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