First_Name = Robert
Last_Name = Greathouse
Class_of = 70
Spouse_Name = Robin
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School Garfield
Children = 3
Grandchildren = 6
Working = Y
College = N
Retired = N
Service = N
E-mail =
When anyone fills out the form on this page  What Happened To   
Their information will be displayed here. I'll keep them in alphabetical
order sorted by last name. For the ladies I will use their married name
and then cross reference for their maiden name(When Possible).
Grimm, Sue see Collins
First_Name = Dave
Last_Name = Gilbride
Class_of = 65
Spouse_Name = Charlotte
Spouse_School = Name of  Spouse School  St Mary
Children = 4
Grandchildren = 3
Working = Y
College = N
Retired = Y
Service = Y
Air_Force = X
Served = 3 Yrs Mather in Sacramento Calif, 1 Yr Tan Son Nhut Vietnam
E-mail =
Comments = Comments Comments first real job out of high school Dave Towell in body shop,
then spent 39 1/2 years at Goodyear working in the factory.  During the summer I work part time at
Green Hills Golf Course.  Starting to play golf in 2009, but the way I play nobody ever called me a
golfer.  During the winter months Charlotte and I like to travel around America for two or three
months. We like the South Western part of the US the best.  Retirement is great everyone should
try it.
First_Name = PENNY
Maiden_Name = BUTCHER
Class_of = 61
Great-Grandchildren = 1
Children = 3
Grandchildren = 6
Working = N
College = Y
Retired = N
Service = N
Comments = Living in Elk Grove CA, (near Sacramento). Worked 10 years in Dental
Assisting, and had been accepted to Ohio State for Dental Hygiene in 1963, but got
married and husband wanted me to stay at University of Akron. After moving to Ann
Arbor , Michigan got accepted to Dental Hygiene program at University of Michigan.
Due to medical condition had to withdraw before I got started.  Moved back to various
cities around the Cleveland area, and lived in Strongsville the most (10 yrs.+). After
having my own business, and being a Realtor for 12 yrs, and getting divorced from a
19 yr marriage, I moved to Columbus, living there 10+ yrs.  I moved to Galveston TX.
With 2 of my sons living in CA I wanted to be close to them, and the weather was
better there than Ohio.I have had a variety of careers, and I am enjoying life and what it
has to offer. Since the dental assisting class at Hower was therefor only 1 yr., and we
were isolated to our classroom, didn't get to know other students! I would love to hear
from any of my class of DA's.