Welcome Alumni of Hower Vocational High School.  This site
will only be as good as the information that you supply. So I will be needing
pictures (old and new), stories and just about anything else that you want to
place on "YOUR" site.
Thank you, Charlie
1969 Yearbook for sale by mail or pick up. Yearbook Sale
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What Has Happened ?
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Memo to: Hower Vocational School Alumni
From: Bob Dill, Progress Through Preservation of Greater Akron, Inc.

Subject: “Boy Built Homes”

Linda Bussey, the director of Hower House museum, the former home of the Hower family of Akron, located on
the University of Akron, asked me to research the subject.

As you probably know, in 1927 Blanche Hower, widow of Akron industrialist M. Otis Hower, established a trade
school for the young men of the community. It developed to be the Hower Vocational School.

Linda has a vague recollection of the mention of a program of the school called “Boy Built Homes”. It is believed
that it was active during the Great Depression and involved students doing construction work on homes in the
Summit County area.

If you have knowledge of such activity or records of it, please contact: Robert A. (Bob) Dill,                             
2478 Celia DR., Stow OH 44224 -  330 687 8607 -

Thank you,
Bob Dill
4/18/2018 - Classmates here's your chance to add some much needed information. Please read the following
memo I received and feel free to add your input. Mr. Dill would greatly appreciate any information that you may
7/31/2018 - Here's a great story about one of our own. Stan Sipka class of 1952.
Stan Sipka class of 1952
2/02/2019 - Classmates lets start the new year off right. What better way than helping one of our own?????
Our very own Irish Tenor "Pat Flynn" class of 1961 is just about totally blind. His daughter Emily has started a
"Go Fund Me Page".  The Gift Of Sight. With a little help from his friends Pat will be able to see again. Please
check it out here for more information, and don't forget to click on the link at the bottom to donate.
The Gift Of Sight
4/13/2019 - The reunion information letters have been mailed. You can view it here if you wish.
2019 Reunion Information