Welcome Alumni of Hower Vocational High School.  This site
will only be as good as the information that you supply. So I will be needing
pictures (old and new), stories and just about anything else that you want to
place on "YOUR" site.
Thank you, Charlie
1969 Yearbook for sale by mail or pick up. Yearbook Sale
7/29/2013 - A new feature has been added at the request of some classmates. Here's your chance to toot your
own horn! Check it out here
What Has Happened ?
7/30/2013 - What happened to posts. What Happened To Posts
7/31/2018 - Here's a great story about one of our own. Stan Sipka class of 1952.
Stan Sipka class of 1952
Our Reunion plans for 2021 has been canceled  out of
concern for everyone. We have set the date in
2022 for
July 15th and 16th so mark your calendars.