Emily Linn

Our Dad, the most wonderful, caring, giving person we know lost
his eyesight about 20 yrs ago due to complications with diabetes.
He has had many struggles in life from polio, to diabetes and losing
his eyesight. He has had to miss out on so many events due to not
being able to see. But now we can give him the gift of sight! We
found these esight glasses that help people with low vision and give
them sight again! He tried them and they work great! He is able to
see things that he hasn't been able to. Unfortunately they cost
almost $10,000. So with your help we can give our dad his eyesight
back. Please help by donating and sharing this so that we can
reach many people in order to get him these as quickly as possible.

An update from Emily Linn

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for all of your support. We have
found another vendor that offers glasses at a 3rd of the price.
Patriot Vision. Dad gave them a try and he really likes them. The are
around $3000. We still need to raise several hundred more to
purchase them. we appreciate everyone that has donated so far to
make this possible.

Thank You, Emily Linn

Check it out here.

The Gift of Sight